Timber Services:

At P.O. Joyce Ltd we are able to provide a number of other timber services. They include Stress (strength) Graded timber, Regularised timber, Tanalised (treated) timber and Vac-Vac treated timber.

Tanalised (Treated) Timber:

Tanalised timber is timber pressure treated and impregnated with Tanalith E preservative to provide, clean, bright and long life timber. The preservative is completely fixed within the timber and will not leak out in any environment.

However you must be aware that timber swells when it is pressure treated with a water based preservative, like Tanelith E, in fact as much as 4% of the finished size after machining and it shrinks as it dries.

We therefore advise letting any treated timber, to dry somewhat before fitting, for at least a couple of weeks. This not only helps to achieve a more constant size but also improves their workability. Be aware that climatic changes cause the timber to continually shrink and swell and in turn this movement may vary from piece to piece.

We stock a number of tanalised products including softwood timber and some sheet materials, however if we do not stock it, we may be able to obtain it as a special order. (Contact us for more information)

Stress Graded Timber:

Stress grading timber, is a method of determining the strength of a piece of timber destined for structural use. The use of stress-graded timber is for structural use, it is a critical safety element of construction and the use of strength-graded timber is required by Building Regulations. The type of stress graded class we stock and can obtain includes C16/24 to BS EN 338.

We do stock some stress-graded timber, however if we do not meet your requirements from our stock, we can procure this type of timber as a special order. It can take a few days to obtain. (Contact us for more information)

Vac-Vac treatment:

VACSOL Aqua treated timber, is timber, which has been impregnated with VACSOL Aqua timber preservative under rigidly controlled conditions in a double vacuum/low pressure plant (Vac-Vac plant).

Here the timber is placed in a tank and firstly a vac is applied to suck out all excess water from the timber. Then the preservative is added, and finally it is pressurised, forcing the preservative deep into the timber. VACSOL Aqua is a waterborne timber preservative formulation having fungicidal and insecticidal properties.

We are able to procure Vac-Vac treated timber as a special order for nearly any dimensions you require. It can take a few days to obtain. (Contact us for more information)

Regularised Timber:

Regularised Timber is a process, so that the thickness and/or depth of timber are uniformed throughout its length. It is used to keep floors, walls and ceilings level and consistent.

We are able to procure regularised timber as a special order for nearly any dimensions you require. It can take a few days to obtain. (Contact us for more information)

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