Other Products:

Apart from all the products that you would expect to see supplied from a Timber Merchants. We also endeavour to supply other associated products to our highly valued customers, through customer demands.

We can also supply many other products not found in stock, via special order. These products can take several days to procure. (Contact us for more information.)

Softwood Spindles:

Thickness Description and Length
32 x 32 Spindle TUDOR 900mm
32 x 32 Spindle CLASSIC 900mm
41 x 41 Spindle TUDOR 900mm
41 x 41 Spindle CLASSIC 900mm

Softwood Newel Posts:

Thickness Description and Length
90 x 90 Complete post with ball 1600 mm
90 x 45 Half post with ball 1600 mm
90 x 90 Newel top with ball 900 mm

Softwood Grooved Hand / Base Rails (incl fillets):

Thickness Description & Groove Size
55 x 56 Handrail 32 mm groove
56 x 56 Handrail 41 mm groove
56 x 29 Baserail 32 mm groove
57 x 29 Baserail 41 mm groove


25 sq ft W/Red Cedar Shingles treated
25 sq ft W/ Red Cedar Shingles untreated
25 x 150 Western Red Cedar Shiplap
22 x 100 Western Red Cedar Mt.V.

Biscuits Beech:

No. Description
0,10 or 20 Biscuits Beech

Hardwood Hockey Stick :

  2 metre lengths

Cross Grain Pelletts

1/2" Pine, Utile, Ash, Maple, Beech
1/2" Oak, Cherry, Walnut


100mm Rollbat 3x400mm wide 4.8m long
6.6m2 =in a pack ROCKWOOL
80mm Rockwool Glass Slab Cavity (4.37m2)
100mm Rockwool Glass Slab Cavity (3.28m2)

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