Family Tree:

1st Generation - Benjamin Joyce:

(1824 - 1899)
The founding member of the company, he came from Ireland, looking to start a new business and to seek his fortune. He started a small timber business in Stanhope St, London, but quickly brought it to East Finchley in the mid 1800s. He was a religious man, a keen Weslyan and a regular churchgoer. With just 2 other employees, they used handcarts to deliver all over the area.

2nd Generation - Edwin Joyce:

(1855 - 1933)
As more of East Finchley meadows were covered in homes and shops, Edwin was very pro-active. Teams of horses supplied the vast majority of the timber and associated products needed for the development and growth of the area.

3rd Generation - Percy Oswald Joyce:

(1883 - 1968)
Percy joined the firm later in life, after spending his early years as a ship's carpenter travelling the world. His first task was to replace the horses with mechanical transport - they were put to pasture at the end of the 1920s - and registered the company for the first time as P.O. Joyce Ltd.

4th Generation - Stanley Edwin Joyce:

(1917 - 1997)
A family man, he joined the business in 1946 after being 'de-mobbed' from the army. He started a building programme to replace the orchard and tennis courts with brick built sheds which was completed in the 1970s.

5th Generation - Neil Joyce:

(1952 - present)
The current owner and director of the company, Neil joined the firm in 1971. He wanted to maintain the company's traditional values, but at the same time has continued the building programme and introduced new lines and ideas.

6th Generation - Ben and Thomas Joyce:


He has worked for the company for a number of years in-between studying and travelling. At university he studied management and business, and has used his knowledge to drive the modernisation of the company, including new computer systems and a website. He hopes to build a hardware shop with his father in the future.


He joined the company full-time, straight from college, in 2001. Over the years his knowledge has grown as he has endeavoured to learn the timber trade and has become a valuable asset to the company and a skilled machinist.


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